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Emergency Call System

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These Are Products From The Medi Signal Emergency Call System

Emergency Help Button

The Help Button is often used in O.R. situations for maintaining sterile conditions. It can be activated by an elbow and will flash on outside monitors, accompanied by a ”beep” until reset. Other locations may also be setup as required.

Emergency Foot Kick Switch

The Emergency Foot Kick Switch is mounted lower to the floor in OR’s and Procedure rooms. Sterile conditions can be kept when using this device. It can Switch lights and send signals to other sounding / light devices such as LM-01a or Recovery Room Status Panel.

Emergency Bathroom Pull Chain

The Pull Chain type system is usually mounted in lavatories and dressing rooms at a low level. This enables patients who have fallen to obtain help quickly and reduce the risk of further injury. When the chain is pulled, the toggle switch flashes on the outside monitor and is accompanied by a “beeping” sound.

Pendant Cord Assembly

The Pendant Cord call button is generally used in pre-op and post-op situations and for bed areas in clinics and hospitals. To call for assistance, the patient simply pushes plunger button at end of cord. This will activate a flashing light on the monitor and a repeating ”beep”. This unit also comes with a pillow clip for easy attachment to garments and bedding.

Patient Waiting Light

The Patient Waiting Light is mounted on the wall of each Doctors office. This light receives a signal when a nurse has triggered a switch to alert the doctor. The doctor will quickly contact the nurses station to identify the patient room that is in need of assistance. This enables patients who are in need of assistance to obtain help quickly.

Patient Bed Signal Light

The Patient Bed Signal Light system is usually mounted above patient beds to notify nurses of the bed that is in need of assistance after emergency call has been received. This enables patients who are in need of assistance to obtain help quickly.

Recovery Room Status Panel

Multi light pannels located in the recovery room to display surgery center’s operating room’s “Help Buttons”, Bathroom “Pull Chains”, Post and Pre Op bed cords. Size of the panel will be determined based on the amount of devices. Lights will flash and audible tone will beep till emergency is cleared.

It’s an easy-to-use communications system for directing traffic in a medical facility.  Employing light and sound signals, Medi-SIGNALtracks physicians and patients, advised doctors where to go next, enables them to summon staff quickly and keeps administrative staff informed for each doctor’s whereabouts. A complete call system, it enables staff to monitor exam rooms, locate personnel and prioritize patients. Also known as Nurse Call , Nurse Call Lights , Doctor Call Lights , Patient Arrival , Patient Arrival Lights , Patient Waiting , Patient Waiting Lights , Emergency Call Lights , Emergency Call , Bathroom Call Lights , Medi Signal , Medisignal , Medical Signal Systems , Medical Signal , Outpatient Surgery , Out Patient Surgery Light Systems , Outpatient Surgery Systems , Medical Light Systems.