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Sequencer Control System

Operating the Medi-Signal ”MSQ” Sequencer System

The ”MSQ” is a microprocessor based mini- computer that stores in its memory the patient/room sequence as it is given by your staff. Each sequencer will have a specific color on the exam room operating panel. The first push of that button will cause the light to flash slowly. The second push will change the light to a rapid flash. A third push will turn off the light. Therefore, the first patient room occupied, the pushed button will flash slowly. With subsequent rooms filled, the lighted push button will be on steady and the Memory ”remembers” the order they were filled.

The Doctor will go to the room flashing slowly. When entering, he/she will push the button, causing it to flash rapidly. The next room in sequence will then automatically start flashing slowly. When Doctor is finished, he will push the button, turning off the light, and proceed to the next slowly flashing room and repeat the procedure.The office will know which room the Doctor is in (rapid) Flash, which room is next (slow flash), which rooms are occupied (steady light), and which rooms are available (no light). This, along with other MEDI-SIGNAL systems is a time tested (since 1971) and universally accepted method for creating more efficiency and productivity.

It’s an easy-to-use communications system for directing traffic in a medical facility.  Employing light and sound signals, Medi-SIGNALtracks physicians and patients, advised doctors where to go next, enables them to summon staff quickly and keeps administrative staff informed for each doctor’s whereabouts. A complete call system, it enables staff to monitor exam rooms, locate personnel and prioritize patients. Also known as Nurse Call , Nurse Call Lights , Doctor Call Lights , Patient Arrival , Patient Arrival Lights , Patient Waiting , Patient Waiting Lights , Emergency Call Lights , Emergency Call , Bathroom Call Lights , Medi Signal , Medisignal , Medical Signal Systems , Medical Signal , Outpatient Surgery , Out Patient Surgery Light Systems , Outpatient Surgery Systems , Medical Light Systems.